Why neither Bernie’s nor Trump’s vision for America inspires me

  Mankind’s formations of power, given enough time, always develop into grotesque juggernauts manufactured within the factory of the human heart.  In America today, there are two popular yet opposing visions for the U.S. – two juggernauts.  I find neither of them compelling. One juggernaut works hard so that the private sector collects all the power along with the … More Why neither Bernie’s nor Trump’s vision for America inspires me


It’s a scene I look forward to.  It interrupts the alleyway behind one of the supermarkets where I park my box-truck.  It repeats itself like clockwork and the context is almost always the same.  Asphalt radiates the night’s cold and the dumpsters smell like themselves.  His brown compact car’s small engine approaching sounds distinguished.  The large delivery … More Cat-Man

Unfinished business

Unfinished business likes worming back, running things from underneath: A Lucky Luciano. A dark squad of anxieties and doubts are buried, but slippery and wild to dig out,  exhuming the past. Their message feels true–a terrible confirmation. He jerks me back, binding my panic with his Word. I still don’t rest. With lips tightly pressed, I watch.  Doubts ache to come back. As … More Unfinished business

The quenching

Some can easily get by. For others, suffering is life, and while they cry each day for relief, hard plastic disdain is what they receive. When some reach out to help, it smells like promotion of self and tastes cold, empty, and fake, leaving them lonely as a discarded cigarette butt and I, I never know what … More The quenching

How painting echoes life

Painting echoes life.  Both are full of choices.  We make choices both consciously and subconsciously.  We can paint a carefully plotted line or use a lightening-fast gesture. There is a constant dance between planning and intuiting.  The flexibility to plan, paint the plan, while incorporating the ways the paint does something unplanned, evokes the painting’s soul. Life and painting … More How painting echoes life

fo·cus /ˈfōkəs/

January is on its way out. The new year is no longer new.  I have been thinking while observing everyone’s desire for fresh-starts, do-overs, resolutions etc.  Naturally I began thinking about this phenomenon on New Year’s Eve.  As I mulled over it three things occurred to me: 1.  I did not intend to take an entirely new direction … More fo·cus /ˈfōkəs/

Brutish seed

Elitism: Brutish seed dormant in us, requiring little to germinate. Budding from opposing views, different backgrounds, clashing values, nimbly ripening to hate. Perverting the truth, sickening the root. Dark stems ascending, strangling others; throwing them below.          We are vines. Stepping, clawing, crawling higher, demanding significance – our hearts’ desire. Believing the lie, echoing The Liar. The ascent is not … More Brutish seed


I have always been encouraged and refreshed to be in the presence of an authentic person.  I find it easy to relate to people when they are being authentic about where they are in life.  Authenticity breathes life into conversations and extends a welcome for real responses.  When someone shares who he really is, there is a person to connect to.  Have you … More Authenticity


Not far, but near is all that does not appear. As negative space in a painting subtly surrounds the subject, we too are held. Not introduced at one’s deathbed, rather, a continuous thread. With each passing moment, with each drawn breath, we are sewn together yet, our union not manifest. As the gesso of a … More Near


No neutrality and so we must choose. No catalogue of kingdoms to peruse. The choice we face is one of two: kingdoms to serve, directions to move. The kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light: one we must yield to, the other to fight. No neutrality, so we must decide to march in ranks … More Arise

Shining reliance

None of my heroes stand up straight, but they take a stand even though they’re afraid. Some of my heroes burned at the stake; faithful to the end when pushed to betray. We are encircled by those who have shone, the great light in this darkness. We are not alone. None of my heroes nod … More Shining reliance


I am of little faith. This fact does cause me grief. Lord, I want to want you. Please help my unbelief. I always long to see, though you are leading me. I fight to keep my hands open for you to bring; for you to take anything. To you alone I should cling. I am of weak faith. … More Faith

Triumphal entry

Triumphal entry: Inversion at birth, of all this world values, all it declares worth. Triumphal entry: In Jordan submerged, identified sinner, immersed in our curse. Triumphal entry: Wilds and devil await, to tempt Him in suffering, to break His will’s restraint. Triumphal entry: Past Jerusalem’s gate, upon beast of burden, upon mans’ fickle praise. Triumphal entry: House of prayer betrayed, business usurped, intent reclaimed, Triumphal … More Triumphal entry


An RSVP you hold dear: Your invitation to fear. Your roller coaster ride appears. Won’t get on board when it draws near. I see angels around my head. Upon you serpents I will tread. Midst of trials I am fed, from the Lord my Living Bread. I’ve lived this a time or two: His promises … More RSVP


Betrayal cuts deep, marring a life, bleeding out trust, breathing in strife, healing is slow, evoking the knife. Not the final word. It is not done. Sweet communion, setting sun, cold night awaiting, resurrection. Abuse twists a root, forcing a bend in a tender shoot, growth somewhat stunted, blossoms are few, Not the final word. … More Blossoms

Hey Mister

Hey Mister Discontentment, lost in your cloud of resentment, blind to beauty within a moment, seeing one missing component, I will not be you today. Will not give up the ship. Hey Mister Selfishness, does peace rise from what you possess? You have less the more you press, alone grasping emptiness, joy eludes you-now confess. … More Hey Mister


We see you devils at our door, to speak us rich – to speak us poor. You hate what we’re living for. We plug our ears to hear no more. You move fast to block our sight, to make our day as dark as night. We know where we are bound, under His wings we … More Assured


Blessed are you oh Lord our God, father of mercy, loving and sweet, honey for taste, bread to eat. Blessed are you oh Lord our God, father of grace, patient and kind, wine for the heart, peace to the mind. Blessed are you oh Lord our God, father of growth, steady and wise, pain for … More Father

Giving of self

  It is plain to see the tide’s desire for you and me. Pulling us from the present, out to sea. No real people there, no need. Easy to stare at a screen. Any method – any means. Arduous swimming, tide ever winning, waves ahead taunt us, waves behind haunt us, the struggle is true. Resisting the tide, treading water … More Giving of self

Life plan?

I have not written much of anything in about six months due to a major life change in my vocation.  I left my career in consumer packaged goods DSD sales development to become an independent distributor.  I have been working diligently the last six months to grow the territory I purchased and have been investing in … More Life plan?

My home

Fire hose of distraction, painted glass of distortion, weary soul wandering, until you’re my portion. My portion, my home. Eclipse of depression, labyrinth of frustration, weary soul wandering, until you’re my portion. My portion, my home. Grieving heart with no ointment, cold bones of disappointment, weary soul wandering, until you’re my portion. My portion, my … More My home

February-the F word

Dear February, The sun has been aloof and unconcerned for months, yet you don’t care.  The land is a barren mud pit, and the low clouds cover us in your hamster cage.  Every creature sleeps more through the winter except us paled, dried out, and desperate humans because we are bound by culture and forced … More February-the F word